Imaginea Cladirii MuzeuluiThe ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Museum is designed to be the highest expression of academic prestige and the main accelerator of scientific community. This dual perspective requires for the mobilization of all intellectual emotional energies of the first entity in service of the modern academic education in Romania. In the hospitable space of its new building, the graduates can find the main landmarks of teaching, under the form of pictures of the greatest academics, real creators of direction in their fields of interest, and several objects used in teaching, such as courses, syntheses or laboratory instruments. Thanks to this sanctuary of academic memory, all the pieces once used in teaching have become priceless exhibits, destined to inspire emulation among current generations.

The Museum fulfills its superior mission with the permanent support of those who taught or were taught at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University. As a mirror of this area of superior instruction, the establishment for academic history is the coagulating agent of every class and an essential identity intellectual landmark, both for teachers and graduates. By Alma Mater Iassiensis the Museum belongs to us all and we have the duty to enhance its assets and to make known the past of the oldest institution of academic education in the country.